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Payments are made through Bank of America's secure site!

Remember that discounts apply to final total, so you'll always save at Craft Town Hobby Land, the most creative place on earth!!













Flat rate Shipping is charged for the United States.  It is $6.95 for the first $25, and $3 for each additional $50. 



 would be

$ 6.95
    $26 would be $ 9.95
    $76 would be $12.95
    $126 would be $15.95
    $176 would be $18.95
    $226 would be $21.95
    $276 would be $24.95
     $326 would be $27.95

In the Continental US, shipping may be by UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or USPS.  Overnight shipping extra.  Extra large, or oversized items may require an additional fee.

For International buyers,  All efforts are made to find the most economical way to ship your order.  (If packaging is not important to you, do advise, as this has sometimes cut the shipping cost in half, but is not done without your permission.)  If you need an exact quote for shipping, please use "I need a shipping quote" for order processing and I can respond with a shipping quote and directions to complete your order.  You will still be able to use credit card processing, if desired.  If you use the credit card checkout, please be aware that the shipping total reflected is NOT correct.  It can be a gross overcharge, your payment is only authorized, and is adjusted to actual cost in processing the payment, with a $6.95 minimum charge. 

Payment Options:  Use your Discover, Visa or Mastercard through Bank of America/Cybersource's secured server.  Personal checks, money orders are also accepted.  With Bank of America/Cybersource's server, your card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.  Any adjustment in out of stock items can be deducted.  If International buyer, the shipping will be adjusted (the amounts that show up are incorrect, you will be charged exact shipping cost). 

If you would like to pay with PayPal, use the email checkout and add a note to the comments section, and by what method you will be paying (American Express, echeck, transfer, etc.).  I will send an invoice.  This way, if an adjustment needs to made for out of stock, or international shipping, it can be done before payment is made. 

Online Banking:  If you would like to send a payment through your online banking, it's easy, just 'write your check' online and if your bank uses CheckFree (Most Do), the payment arrives almost immediately!  

Returned Check Charge:  A fee of $25 is assessed to returned items, as well as collection costs, if necessary.  

Return Policy:   I want you to be happy with your purchase.  If for some reason you are not delighted, you may return your purchase.  

To qualify for a full refund (minus shipping/handling and 15% restocking fee), items must be returned in original unopened condition. The cost of the return is the buyer’s responsibility. If a partial order is returned, the order will be recalculated and may result in a lower discount.  You may return your item for exchange, but will incur the shipping cost.

Order Cancellation:  You may cancel an order, but if it has already shipped, you will be subject to the return policy.

Returned/Refused Shipments:  If an order has been returned/refused unopened, the shipping is still non-refundable, and the cost of return (if applicable) is the responsibility of the buyer; the 15% restocking fee still applies. 

Opened Merchandise:  If an item is returned that has been opened, used, and/or parts missing, it will be evaluated for credit. The credit is at the sole discretion of Craft Town Hobby Land, as the item is no longer in saleable condition. If it is open, but in perfect condition, with all parts, the credit would be 50%

Special orders are always welcome, but please be certain of your purchase, as special orders are not returnable.

Defective Merchandise: Craft Town Hobby Land USA is a retailer, and makes no express warranty of the products we carry. For defective merchandise, Craft Town Hobby Land can assist you in making a claim with the manufacturer, either for you, or by supplying you with manufacturer contact information.




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