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About Us

When I was a child, my FAVORITE Aunt Ruthie would delight me every year with some sort of crafting gift.  Looms, sewing, knitting, clay, you name it, every year was a delight.  I wasn't very "artistic" but I sure had fun! 

When I went to school, I took several years of "home making" (giving away my age) and then proceeded to sew on my own.  I would make something to wear the next day!  And when I became a Mom, I made most of my son's clothing.  I remember when I made PLAID sports jackets for Dad & Son (I learned to swear doing that)! but it was all done with love.

Whether you are sewing from scratch, or embellishing ready-made clothing, you can always make something special.  There is nothing like getting a compliment, and being able to respond "I made it" to give you  something to really smile about!!  If you're new to sewing, never give up, it just takes time, and a little practice.  We all have "duds" now and then...I'll never forget the corduroy jumper I made, being so careful to cut the nap all the same way.  When I finished, I had two left fronts, and two right backs!!  OOOPS  

 By the large variety of crafting items I carry, you can get an idea of the fun you can have.  Pick out a craft, get an idea, and create!  It's always "right" and is always FUN!





Carol Stallworth  Owner, Manager, Designer, Purchasing Agent, Product Tester, Marketing Executive, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Shipping Manager, Webmistress, Customer Service, Cafeteria Manager (Ooops that's the Mom in me!)

City of Vacaville Business License # 016507

957 Granada Lane

Vacaville, California 95688

email:  cs@crafttownhobbylandusa.com

If you are in the US, and need to speak with me directly, please email your phone number and best time to call, and I will return your call.



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We're here 24/7


It's going to be an exciting year! More items coming in every day. 

If you don't see what you wish, be sure to ask, I am glad to special order items for you (and maybe carry them) just because YOU ASKED!   

My  warmest welcome to my customers....I'm so glad you stopped by.  Be sure to grab a cookie as you shop....mine have no calories!  :)

Would you like to open a web store?  Don't get stuck with a solution that controls you.  Ask and I'll direct you to an easy, fun and reasonable solution!




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