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Payments are made through Bank of America's secure site!

Remember that discounts apply to final total, so you'll always save at Craft Town Hobby Land, the most creative place on earth!!













International Buyers :

The shipping amount that the shopping card adds to international orders is NEVER correct, and is usually a gross overcharge. 

If you are using the credit card checkout, your card is not charged until your order ships .  Our goal is to ship International orders complete, to save you shipping costs. 

International customers are charged exact shipping cost, utilizing the most efficient and economical way to ship.  Example, a large punch order might go in several flat rate envelopes, where the shipping amount will reflect $150, and in fact it will be $38 and weigh near 16 pounds.  

There has not been a way to estimate shipping costs accurately, as it takes a human being (me) to figure the best way, as Priority Mail has limitations in weight and size.  The amount that is quoted acts as a "placeholder" for the shipping, as I can adjust it down, but not up.  Thus the reason for the over-estimated amount. 

There are times that shipping can be reduced greatly by removing some items from bulky blister packaging, but this is not done without prior approval by you the customer.  The first priority is to get your merchandise to you in perfect order, at a reasonable expense!




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It's going to be an exciting year! More items coming in every day. 

If you don't see what you wish, be sure to ask, I am glad to special order items for you (and maybe carry them) just because YOU ASKED!   

My  warmest welcome to my customers....I'm so glad you stopped by.  Be sure to grab a cookie as you shop....mine have no calories!  :)

Would you like to open a web store?  Don't get stuck with a solution that controls you.  Ask and I'll direct you to an easy, fun and reasonable solution!





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