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You will find 100's of products covering almost any crafting you can imagine. 

As a mother, and former Boy Scout leader, I learned what works with kids!  Crafting is fun and helps to build self-esteem.  It also teaches reading, math, science and following directions, all while having fun!  And then you will have something to treasure when you're done!   Be sure to craft with your children.....make it a family affair!

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SimFlex Expandable Gauge - Perfect Buttonhole Placement Discounts Apply !
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SimFlex Expandable Gauge - Perfect Buttonhole Placement
Measures multiple equal distances.
Use for fast accurate spacing of buttons, buttonholes, hooks, eyes, dress pleats, drapery pleats, tucks, shirring, and smocking. Measure accurate bias or straight strips for quilting or for use with the Bias Tape Makers. Makes an ideal knitting gauge, too! Flexible and lightweight; silver finish. Expands to 24".

The SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge gives you fast and accurate measuring.  Its quick and easy to use.  It has unlimited uses.  It works in sewing, arts and crafts and even gardening and cake decorating!

Directions:  Before using, with one hand on each end, flex the gauge several times. 

Lay the SimFlex over your garment (or craft).  Expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured, equal distances and accurate spacing.  Flex the gauge so that each straight piece is the same desired distance apart at points.  Check with a straight ruler and adjust if necessary.

Unlimited Uses:

Buttons, buttonholes, hooks, eyes, snaps,.  Flex gauge to the desired distance between buttons or buttonholes.  Using the points and slots on the gauge, mark the position for buttons and buttonholes with chalk or washable marker.

Shirring, smocking, skirt and dress pleats.  Flex gauge to the distance desired between gathers when shirring or smocking.  Flex gauge so that each point is exactly the same distance apart.  With chalk or washable marker use slots in the gauge to mark the sewing line.

Drapery pleats, tucks, gathers.  Flex gauge to the desired distance between folds and tucks.  With chalk or washable markers use slots in the gauge to mark the sewing line

Patchwork strips.  Mark several bias or straight strips at a time.  Cut for use in patchwork or as borders.

Straight Strips.  Adjust gauge to the width of the strip desired.  Place gauge on the straight grain of fabric.  Mark points and slots. Cut.

Bias Strips.  Cut the ends of the fabric straight.  Fold one corner down to form a triangle.  Mark the fold.  Place gauge with slots of a center piece over the fold line.  Mark points and slots.  Cut.

More Creative Ideas. 

Crafts.  Quilting pattern layout, knitting and crochet designs.

Foods.  Cake decorating, portion slicing, candle placing.

Gardening.  Spacing seed rows and seedlings, transplanting and row layout.

Hobbies.  Woodworking crafts and other hobby uses.

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