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You will find 100's of products covering almost any crafting you can imagine. 

As a mother, and former Boy Scout leader, I learned what works with kids!  Crafting is fun and helps to build self-esteem.  It also teaches reading, math, science and following directions, all while having fun!  And then you will have something to treasure when you're done!   Be sure to craft with your children.....make it a family affair!

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Fiskars Alphabet Cassette Punch with Case Discounts Apply !
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Fiskars Alphabet Cassette Punch with Case
Fiskars Alphabet Cassette Punch


26 uppercase letters allow countless possibilities. 

Interchangeable cassettes snap in and out of the punch handle.


  1. Insert the cassette die into the opening in punch handle (printed image of design should face out).  The cassette will snap into place.
  2. Insert paper into the slot and squeeze the handle to punch.
  3. Pull out the round release lever (below the cassette die on the head of the punch) to eject the cassette die from the handle.

Tips & Tricks:

If your paper gets caught in your punch, tap the die lightly on your work surface to release the paper.  Punching a few times through waxed paper treate the metal so it cuts smoothly and reduces sticking.

Always practice on scrap paper first.

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Price: $72.50

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