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This page is reserved for examples of great projects you can do with your materials. 

I will be having monthly crafting contests with the winner receiving more crafting items!! YIPPEE! 






Primary Elements

Primary Elements Polished Pigments
Are created with pure color no fillers, we have added the sparkle (polish) of mica powder thus the name of the dry powder is called Polished Pigments TM. Available in 24 colors September 2002

Primary Elements Simple Solutions
Mix the intense colors of the "Polished Pigments" with one of the three Simple Solutions TM you have discovered Primary Elements TM, the ultimate multi-surface coloring system. Use Simple Solution #1 on Glass or Fabric, or use Simple Solution #2 on paper plastic or walls, or try Simple Solution # 3 and paint your favorite wood or clay project.

Primary Elements Polished Pigments "Old world Charm with New World Technology"
Imagine the old days when artists like Leonardo da Vinci ground their own pigments to make their own oil paint. LuminArte has ground pure color added the polish (sparkle/pearl of mica powder). These are very INTENSE colors that sparkle like little they look like mini pearls in the bottle Polished Pigments these are so concentrated a little goes a long way

Primary Elements Simple Solutions "Water soluble Acrylic systems made for multiple surfaces"
#1 soft solution: Made for fabric leather and glass **Heat set the fabric**
#2 medium solution: Made for paper, walls and plastic. TRY it on KrytalKraft.
#3 firm solution: Made for wood, polymer clay *YES! Bake the polymer clay the Polished Pigments and Simple Solutions! **

DIRECTIONS: This is what we know so farů.
1. Pull out with a paintbrush, tiny spoon or pour carefully a few grains of the Primary Elements Polished Pigments (PEPP) in your favorite mixing tray, or surface. It will dry on a CD; Plastic bags (baggies) work well as a mixing surface.
2. NEXT: Pour a drop or two of Primary Elements Simple Solutions (PES#1 # 2 or #3) into the Polished Pigments. Mix to the consistency you like. If you must measure 1 part PEPP to two parts PES#1, 2 or 3 will make rich color. Adding a drop or two of more solution will make the color more sheer (if the color is too intense)
3. Primary Elements unique " Clarity of the Color" (no fillers) creates a coloring system ranging from semi-translucent to translucent depending on how much color and solution you use!
4. To soften the intensity of the color (make a pastel or lighter color) or shimmer it up even more, add more of your favorite mica products @ Pearl Ex, or Powdered Pearls. Mix to your hearts content adds a few drops of the Simple Solution of your choice.
5. Mix Polished Pigments with Gum Arabic and not the Simple Solutions for a different look (a small bottle of Gum Arabic has been included) 1 part gum Arabic to 3 parts color mix in a little water (distilled if available)
*** FYI**** Perfect Pearls has an added binder, so if you mix Polished Pigments with Perfect Pearls and mix in a little additional Gum Arabic and water GREAT! DO NOT MIX Perfect Pearls with the Simple Solutions unfortunately the binder in the Perfect Pearls with make little gumballs in the Simple Solutions.
7. This is concentrated color and it will stain your hands, Ivory Soap, Scrubs in a Tub will work well to clean hands.
8. Work over a surface that if some falls it does not stain the carpet.
9. A little bit goes a long way so mix small portions at a time.
10. If it dries up reconstitute by sprinkling a few drops of the solutions in and play again!
11. When done wet a little bit with the solutions, turn over on card stock and make background paper with the left over colors. Don't waste a precious drop!
12. When finished with stamp, wash immediately. A tray with wet paper towels is handy to put stamp in when done.
13. Wash brushes immediately after use.
14. New discovery 9/5/02
Glossy cardstock, does not work well with the #2 solution, as its coating really is not like regular paper, nor is it really "plastic" we have had better luck with the #3 solution on glossy card stock.


Simple Solutions #1 Notes on Fabric

Pre- the fabric this washes the sizing out, DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER. This will make the paint adhere better and wear better in washing if necessary.
The softer the Fabric, the softer the final feel (hand) of the painted area!
Fabric Stamping: coat the stamp well with the color, stamp, and hold down (hold for 20-30 seconds) This allows the fabric absorb the paint.
Watch the colors change as the Primary Elements begins to dry.
Heat set with an iron on the opposite side. Some like to heat set by putting in a clothes dryer 10-20 minutes.
Some color (a wee bit) will wash out in the first washing for best results hand wash in cold water. Color will always hold well on fabric if the painted piece is never washed.
Quilted wall art or Doll Clothes are beautiful and brilliant, as the fabric is never washed
If you wash in machine, inside I out in lingerie bag would protect it the best. Cool water.

Simple Solutions # 2 Notes on Paper/ Plastic/ Walls

Painted on Colored card stock (Kelly green was the sample) it look almost like a foil.
It painted well on KrystalKraft (Sunday International) Plexiglas. The colors just popped.
We painted a design on the wall of the lab, The Clarity of the colors is so pretty you can see, the mica suspended in the color.
A 3D piece 6 " X 8 " Purchased at Michaels, looks like molded drywall, very light, Made by Duncan Enterprises. This is just stunning I painted two pieces, a cluster of grapes and a sunflower! I need to buy more of these little babies!

Simple Solutions # 3 Notes on Wood

One part Polished Pigments combined with two parts Simple Solutions produces a very rich color; you may want to add more color or solution depending on your taste.
"Bass" wood is the type of wood we tested at the hobby shows.
The Clarity of color is so beautiful on the wood; we could see the grain of the wood.
When a stamped design of different colors was used we could see all 3 colors over and under the other colors.
The Simple Solution # 3 is such a high quality no we saw no "wood-graining". This Means the grain in the wood did not swell as some hobby paints on the market might.
We did not seal the final surface. (Tell what happens when you do??)





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