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This page is reserved for examples of great projects you can do with your materials. 

I will be having monthly crafting contests with the winner receiving more crafting items!! YIPPEE! 





Project with Memory Glass


Faux Soldered Jewelry
Skill Level: * *

Create a unique jewelry piece with this quick and easy faux soldering technique! Turn it into a pin or use as an embellishment!

Created by Suze Weinberg, Sue Astroth and Barb DeLap


• Memory Glass™ , any size
• Melt Art™ Melting Pot®
• Melt Art™ Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel™ (UTEE), Platinum
• Melt Art™ UTEE F-L-E-X™
• Melt Art™ Kool Toolz™
• Posh Impressions™ Accent Pens
• Double-sided Tape (Suze’s Wonder Tape™)
• Artwork (stamped, Vintage Ephemera, stickers, photos)
Optional: Artistic Wire™ (26 gauge, assorted colors)
Optional: Charms, Stickers, beads…use your imagination!



(1) Stamp or create artwork and trim to fit your Memory Glass (1” x 3” , 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” and 2” x 2”. Cut second piece of cardstock the same size.

(2) Melt Platinum UTEE™ in Melting Pot. Add one quarter scoop of UTEE Flex and let melt. Mix thoroughly.

(3) If creating a charm hanger, cut four inches (4”) of wire. Place double sided tape on one side of cardstock. Sandwich one inch (1”) of the wire between the two pieces of cardstock. This will help secure the wire.

(4) Now place the artwork with wire between two clean microscope slides.

(5) Holding the slides together, dip the 3 inch edge of the slides into the melted UTEE. As soon as the slide breaks the surface of the UTEE, remove from Melting pot. Wipe any dripping UTEE on the inner edge of the Melting Pot. There should only be about 1/8” of UTEE on the dipped edge of the slide. Dip the other two sides that do not have the wire. Be careful with your fingers! You’ve now “soldered” the first three edges of the slides.

(6) For the last edge (with the wire sticking out), bend the wire to the BACK of the slide. Dip into the Melting Pot; after removing it, immediately bend the wire back in place. This will take some practice! You can always fill in any edges by using your Kool Toolz Zspatula to drip in some melted UTEE.

(7) With wire tools, add on beads or charms to the wire hanger.

(8) Optional: Add rub-ons to the glass front, stickers, Adirondack® Acrylics™ or Stickles™.


Baby Lois Compact with
Glossy Accents™

Skill Level: * * *

Create a new memory heirloom with Crackle Accents™ and Glossy Accents™!

Created by Lisa Dixon, 2007 Ranger Design Team

Materials List
  Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabber- Lights, Shell Pink, Willow, Cloudy Blue
Inkssentials™ Glossy Accents™
Inkssentials™ Crackle Accents™
Inkssentials™ Non-Stick Craft Sheet
Inkssentials™ Cut n’ Dry™ Foam
Perfect Pearls™ Pigment Powders -
Perfect Medium™ Stamp Pad - Clear
Distress Ink™ Stamp Pad - Brushed Corduroy
• Patterned Paper, 7 Gypsies,
• Transparency, Staples brand,
• Dollar Store Mirror Compact
• Seed Beads, Cream and Pink, Mill Hill,
• Pin, Making Memories,
• Other – spray adhesive, alphabet beads, natural muslin, pink scrap fabric, chipboard, vintage button, foam paintbrush, quilt batting, embroidery floss, needle, upholstery trim, silk flowers, sandpaper

  (1) Sand the outside surface of the compact and wipe away residue with a damp cloth. If your compact contains a cake of makeup, remove and discard.

(2) Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet, use Cloudy Blue Paint Dabber to cover the inside and outside of the compact. Avoid paint on the mirror portion of the compact.

(3) When dry, follow with a coat of Shell Pink paint. Add touches of Willow paint using a small square of Cut n’ Dry foam. Allow the paint to dry completely.

(4) Cut a circle from patterned paper about two and one-half inches in diameter. Use Cut n’ Dry foam to ink the edges with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink and adhere to the outside lid of the compact.

(5) Use a foam paint brush to apply a thin coating of Crackle Accents to the entire outside of the compact. Some brushstrokes will remain but you’ll achieve small well-defined crackles with a thin coat of the Accents. Allow to dry completely for all the cracks to appear.

(6) Once dry, rub Brushed Corduroy ink with square of Cut n’ Dry Foam over the crackled surface to further define the cracks. Wipe excess ink away with paper towel.

(7) Print vintage photo onto transparency and trim to fit mirror portion of the compact.

(8) Use Cut n’ Dry Foam to apply Perfect Medium to the printed side of the transparency. Use cosmetic brush to apply Blush Perfect Pearls pigment powder to Perfect Medium side of the transparency. Adhere the transparency to the mirror using a spray adhesive.

(9) Add Glossy Accents to cover the photo and fill the mirror well. Use a pin to immediately pop any air bubbles that form. Add tiny seed beads into the wet glaze around the perimeter of the mirror. Allow to dry to a clear and shiny finish.

(10) Apply additional coats of Glossy Accents as desired to add dimension and to further secure the beads. Be sure to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before adding the next coat of glaze.

(11) To make the fabric inset for the bottom of the compact cut a circle from natural muslin about three and one-eighth inches in diameter. Cut a small swatch from pale pink fabric and use embroidery floss and needle to stitch the word “Baby”. Tack to the muslin circle and sew alphabet beads to spell out name in beads underneath. Add some stitched buttons beneath the name. Be sure your embroidery, beads and buttons are centered in the muslin circle.

(12) Cut a circle from chipboard and a circle from quilt batting both about two and one-eighth inches in diameter. Sandwich the batting between the chipboard and the embellished muslin circle. Use a tiny amount of spray adhesive on the batting to prevent shifting. Turn all the layers over and snip the overhanging edges of the muslin about every half inch to create flaps. Use Glossy Accents to glue each cut flap to the back of the chipboard. Use the Glossy Accents to adhere a length of upholstery trim around the edges and to glue the fabric inset into the bottom of the compact. Add a quilter’s pin to the embroidered swatch.

(13) Layer two pastel silk daisies and attach the flowers to the lid of the compact. Add a vintage button to the flower center using strong double-sided tape to complete the project.



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