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This page is reserved for examples of great projects you can do with your materials. 

I will be having monthly crafting contests with the winner receiving more crafting items!! YIPPEE! 





Crystal Lacquer

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How to use Crystal Lacquer

3 Basic Steps

3-D Crystal Art is very easy, you can create a professional finish. 

Just follow these "3 Basic Steps." You can use these techniques to any application.

  • Step 1, Trace & Fill;

  • Step 2, Raise higher;

  • Step 3, Brush.

Step 1: Trace & Fill in


(1-1) Trace the section of an image. (1-2) Fill in.
Repeat (1-1) and (1-2) for each section. Make sure you leave spaces between each section. Space prevents 3-D Crystal Lacquer from running together, which then creates the distinctive 3-D effects.


Step 2: Build up

After the first coat dries, reapply 3-D Crystal Lacquer over the areas you already raised to make a deeper 3D Effect.


Step 3: Brush

(3-1) Pour 3-D Crystal Lacquer into a small container (3-2) Use brush or cotton swab for application. (3-3) Moisten brush or cotton swab with water before diping into 3-D Crystal Lacquer.

(3-4) Apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer over the entire image, including foreground, background and all spaces you made in Step1. This process is not raising but connecting all sections of images with thin coats



3-D Crystal Lacquer Instructions

Welcome and thank you for purchasing 3-D Crystal Lacquer

*3-D Crystal Lacquer 2 oz Starter Kit

Items in the kit:

 3-D Crystal Laquer (2 oz)







Applicator Tip



Cleaning Pin

*3-D Crystal Lacquer 4 oz Starter Kit (Refill)

Items in the kit:

 3-D Crystal Lacquer

(4 oz)









*Note: The 4 oz Crystal Lacquer can be used as refill of 2 oz starter kit OR you can install Applicator Tip on the spout to apply onto images. (Applicator Tip sold separately)*

Before You Start
* Make sure your project and work area is dust free.
* Use and store 3-D Crystal Lacquer at room temperature.
* DO NOT SHAKE 3-D Crystal Lacquer. It will create air bubbles.
* Have extra tissue and cotton swabs handy for corrections.
* Paint brush (optional) can be used for background.
* Normal drying time is 15 to 30 minutes. Larger areas and thicker application will take longer to dry.
* When dried completely, it will appear “Crystal Clear”
* After you finish the project, make sure to wash the applicator tip with running warm water thoroughly

How to install an applicator tip.

1). Remove the cap from the bottle and install the spout. (Fig. 1)




Fig. 1


Fig. 2

2). Dispose the original cap.
3). Remove the long cap from the top of the spout.(Fig.2)
4). Cut off the spout using scissors or knife as
indicated on Fig.3.
5). Twist and push applicator tip onto
the spout you just cut.(Fig.4)


Fig. 4

Fig. 3

6). After you use 3-D Crystal Lacquer,
remove the applicator tip and wash with
running warm water. Store the tip in safe place.
Replace the long cap back onto the
spout to keep lacquer from drying up.

How to prevent the tip from clogging.

1). While you are using 3-D Crystal Lacquer, let it sit
(tip side down) on a moist paper towel in a
container. This will prevent the tip from becoming
dried & clogged while in used. (Fig.5)
2). When you are finished, wash the tip with runningwarm water making sure the inside is clean. You can blow into the tip to clear all water from inside the metal tube.

Fig. 5

Basic Technique of 3-D Crystal Lacquer

1-A) Outline image Outline every image you want to raise, and let it dry.

2). Fill inside the outlined image.(Keep adequate spaces between the image.)

If the sections are too close to each other, skip over one section to the next and apply the lacquer. (This will prevent from merging.) After the lacquer is dried, go back to skipped section and apply lacquer. * In case of making mistakes or air bubbles get in the 3-D Crystal Lacquer, wipe them out with Q-Tip as soon as possible. Then reapply the lacquer.

3). Raise images. You can reapply 3-D Crystal Lacquer over the dry areas to raise levels. (Please do not overlap between the images!) * Use Q-Tip tocorrect overlaps*

(Side View)

Outline Only



Advanced Techniques for Picture Images

(1). Wavy images such as flag or fabric, are raised
wherever the color appears to lightest.

Raise the lighter colored areas

(2). Rounded images are raised the highest in areas that curve towards you. Areas that recede or are away from you can be outlined only.


(3). Use Soft-bristled paintbrush to apply a final layer to the spaces between the images.

(4). Background images. If a background image is black or white, it shouldn’t be lacquered. If a background has strong strokes, apply a thin coat of lacquer with a painting brush, following the brush stroke on the picture.


Application Ideas

You can apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer to many more craft projects.

*Memory Album:
You can complete all your Memory Album Pages by enhancing with 3D Crystal Lacquer as shown below

Lines and Glitters Glue small piece
(You can even enhance Borders with 3-D Crystal Lacquer)

*Rubber Stamp Arts:
(Rubber Stamp Arts by Judith)

Stamp Color
Apply Complete

*Greeting Card

Following the "3 Basic Steps" of 3-D Crystal Lacquer application, create 3 Dimensional pictures on Greeting Cards. You probably have lots of beautiful cards that you have received and kept for years. Now is the time to do something. Recycle or frame after you enhance with 3D Crystal Lacquer.


Turn these postcards into beautiful 3 dimensional pictures. Follow the "3 Basic Steps" of 3-D Crystal Lacquer Application.


Just like regular picture, apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer. 3-D Crystal Lacquer is Acid Free.

*Poster Images

Mount printed poster image to a mat board or a foam board. Use a spray type glue or decoupage glue available at any craft store. Do not use any water base glue. (You may also ask your local fram store to do this for you.) Apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer with a paint brush, following the brush strokes. Reapply 3-D Crystal Lacquer to some areas you want to enhance. Complete picture should look like an original oil paint

*Decoupage Crafts

Decoupage is a traditional 3 dimensional picture craft. Follow the instructions of Decoupage provided by its manufacturer. Now you can add detail 3 dimensional effects with 3-D Crystal Lacquer.

*Egg Craft
Add accents to many decorative paint of egg crafts.

*Doll Craft
Apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer on eyes, Lip, Nails or anywhere for enhancement.

*Silk Flower
Apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer as dew drops on silk flower.




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